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Welcome to my melody

Hello, Ciao, Willkommen

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find what you are looking for – or what you did not know you were looking for until you found it. πŸ˜„

Writing helps me clear the chaos inside of me and express myself; this page does not claim to be right, only to be right for me. Of course, as many bloggers I follow give me something, I do hope you find something inspiring and motivating on my page, or that there is a text that makes you stop and wonder.

When I started this blog more than a year ago, I did not really know why, but I followed a voice inside me that told me “Do this. Don`t ask why. Ask why not?” And so I did.

15 months later, I often find it challenging to formulate what is inside of me in clear, cohesive words or texts; to express the emotions I feel in letters and make them visual and feasible.πŸ™ I like challenges.

More often I notice that I am in sync with myself when the words just flow πŸ˜‹And I looooooove that. It is fun to create something, and to write.

Writing is additionally a reminder that I need to work on myself – to take care of myself, to be mindful with myself, to reflect on issues and to let my thoughts roam freely, to enjoy the moment, to really perceive this world I live in and the life I lead and appreciate both, to travel and to explore, to just care about now, to do my favourite activities with joy, and spend time with people that I adore.

It is exactly in these moments that I can hear my own voice and melody clearly; when the tune inside me vibrates through me and I want to burst with energy and happiness. It has taken me a while to create this connection to myself (melody) and the stillness in me (it is not a paradox, believe me), yet I find that I succeed more often than not, which I am incredibly grateful for.

Maybe you can hear some notes or tunes of your own.