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Books as company

I`ve always loved books. There is never a time when I am not reading a book, even today.
When I was little, we had a huge bookcase in the hallway in front of my room. Usually at night before going to bed my parents read to me, and once I could read on my own, I remember sneaking out and reading one or another until late at night. My favourite ones were stacked on my bedside table anyways. As a teenager, more than once my dad caught me reading under my blanket and scolded me for being up so late. He never actually minded, though, I could tell.
Seeing that I was insatiable, I was always in need of new books, new stories to immerse myself into. My grandmother works in a library and I think when I was 13 or 14, at the weekends, I always wanted to go there to see her and my friends, the books. Usually my mum went with me and wandered around, too. We would both go home with about 10 books to read and make ourselves comfortable on the sofa to do so. The best times, however, were when my grandma took me with her at times when the library was actually closed and we would be alone. She would be sitting in the office, her reading glasses on the tip of her nose, mumbling to herself, talking to the computer that was challenging her one way or the other, I think cataloguing new books. I would be wandering the shelves alone, in the silence and sometimes in the dark, since she usually kept the lights out in the adult section. I liked the smell of books, the covers, the way the binding felt under my fingers. Downstairs was the section for my age, so I went down the staircase to meet all those stories and fascinating worlds hidden in the pages. I often curled up in a corner and started reading right away, forgetting where I was. I still do this a lot today.
Most people associate reading with holidays and summer. It is logical, because then you have time. I love reading a book undisturbed and fully getting into the story, too. But it so happens I do this on a rainy Sunday, too, only taking a break to fill my protesting stomach.
I´ve noticed many people only read a book once. I can understand that, some books might not appeal to me and so I either discard them or carry on reading, but it might be a challenge. Then I feel some books have a complicated plotline and are more about the ending, and once you know it, where is the sense in reading it again? However, I have some books I have read uncountable times and they can be put in two categories: fascinating and fantastic worlds or unique characters.
“Eragon” would fit in the first category. Some might argue it is boring how the author describes in detail every scene, and an impatient part of me might agree; but the world appears so clearly in front of my inner eye that I have come to appreciate this style. In addition to that, I adore this special world and admire a mind that can come up with as complex a setting as this one.
The characters I find unique are e.g. Eve Dallas in J.D.Robb`s books, or Mercedes Thompson in Patricia Brigg`s series. Sometimes it is their humour, sometimes their stubbornness and more often their struggle to become the best version of themselves, that appeal to me.
Off to meeting new characters or exploring amazing worlds now. In the sunshine. 

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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