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3 days, 3 things I love about being in Cambridge

Three days are what seem to be too short a time I’ve been here, for it feels like much longer. I’m feeling and thinking and dreaming English and have gone snap happy, too.

Finally, some me-time to put my thinking hats on. What I love about spending time here?

1. My course continuously challenges me

My trainer Anna really practices what she preaches: creativity. I have been to the spelling gym, discussed why I would rather be a ring than a finger (coz it is pretty and comes in various designs, just in case u were wondering…), written “my day yesterday“ from the perspective of an inanimate object:

I slept in my cosy bag in the morning, I felt cold. I was woken up at lunch time and taken out. Ugh, fresh air! I unfolded and enjoyed the warmth on me. I sat on the table later, then on hair. Who am I?

and have played word tennis. Everytime I feel I can relax, there is a new phrase to be learned (it is bucketting down) or a cultural talk to attend to (e.g. Cambridge, the hidden riches – mostly inside tips on pubs, shopping and other useful information, no guide to churches!). My brain is happily on overload and seems to want only one thing: more! :)dav

2. Cambridge, the town and gown

It has 31 colleges and each is more beautiful than the other. The many parks invite you to stroll around, play cricket ( I wish I knew the rules…), watch the dogwalkers or have an icecream. Lots of pubs offer Pimm’s (a new  favourite of mine 🙂 ) or all kinds of beer and invite you to have a relaxing eve peoplewatching or talking to locals. At a workday. Besides, let`s be honest, who would not cherish breakfast in a great hall that looks like the one from the Harry Potter films (even if it is way too early, as breakfast tends to be before class) or have a coffee break wandering through an orchard, complete with ducks and a pond? I can not imagine a more scenic setting for summer university, nor a lovelier accent to be heard 24/7.


3. What makes this even more special: the people you meet.

Whether it was with a teacher’s trainer or with classmates or students attending other courses for ELTs, I have never had a dull conversation here. Instead, I have got into contact with many “alternative“ – for lack of a better word – people here, and I love listening to their unique life stories. It never ceases to amaze me what people actually dare to do, with so much joy you can not help but see it in their eyes when they tell you about it. The trainer that planned her trips around the world so she could see as many Madonna concerts as possible (more than 30, I kid you not…) is one of them. Another one has seen and worked, not only taught, in numerous cities, yet still has places he yet wants to explore. A lady from Poland I met worked in an office, then as a primary school teacher and has now completed training to be a guide at a cemetery, because she does not wish old stories to be forgotten. A woman I shared a hungry early-bird-morning with that could be my Mum giggles like a teenager when she tells stories about her husband. There`s a girl that is in fact a successful yet humble businesswoman leading her own school – she is one of the most likeable ones on Campus. Another explored the “Switzerland of Asia“ (Kirgistan) on horseback and foot and knows how to appreciate the simple beauty of untouched nature. Yet another danced with me in a store coz we liked the music playing and she feels in her home country the music in stores is just never good – and why not dance if it is for a change?:)

And there is me, soaking it up and collecting moments. 🙂




Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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