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Affectionately watching the English

In the last week, some habits and things I observed in and around Cambridge have made me smile or roll my eyes in amusement. “Keep calm and off the grass?!“ and other similar moments inspired this list. I do love the English, a lot.

1. The current heatwave is a common topic everyone is rather excitedly talking about; teachers, tour guides, pub owners and also the cleaners. And  it seems to be a reason to turn the AC on the coach on full, heatwave being 26°C outside in the sun. Thank God I had an extra jumper in my bag (to be prepared for rain, the weather phenomenon to be believed the rather usual one) since it was terribly cold, to my non- AC- in- GB- accostumed self.

2. In the pub, you must order at the till and carry your drinks to the table yourself (spilling is accepted, not doing so appreciated). Table service consists of the waitress bringing your food- if you are lucky. Sometimes it might be a harrassed looking cook/ waiter,  though.

3. Last round at our local pub is 10.50 pm, at 11 pm on the spot we were ushered out yesterday. 10 min for a pint? And here I thought us Germans were considered to be drinking fast.

4. On some buses, it is ok to pay cash for your ticket. On some, you must go out and buy a ticket before going on the bus. On others, you can pay contactless using your visa card. No, I never know which is the right way. So far, I have always been forgiven by exceptionally cheery bus drivers.

5. A Saturday night revelation: British men dance.

6. Fried food is everywhere. At breakfast, at lunch, at dinner. I did not know how much I like unfried food in general and unfried tomatoes in particular until I came here.

7. Not all the English citizens like their royals. Some say “Every royal is another person we have to pay for“, only to add  “yes, sure, I have watched Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding live. Gorgeous dress, wasn’t it?“ soon afterwards. I love contradictions.

8. Favourite word learned: let’s take an ussie! (u’ll get it.. may take a while.. )

9. Rush hour in Cambridge means: 8 punting boats are in one line on the water. Nobody falls in, though I observed some close cases (apparently wasps make some ladies shriek and jump up and down, on boats?!). Unfortunately, the punt selling Pimm’s and other beverages must wait during rush hour.

10. Please stay off the grass! To my unaware soul, grass and parks are to be sat on, with a blanket, and some music and company. Apart from a few exceptions, this is not allowed in Cambridge. Green grass is apparently considered to be one of the local sights,  especially in the colleges. It may be looked at, but not touched. Makes sense. The heatwave and all.bty

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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