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Friends are like lightbulbs.

Sometimes I truly feel like I am going insane, and what helps me, always, is talking to my friends.

There are of course, all kinds of friends. And I am grateful for each and every one! This is my trying to explain why.  Read the love between the lines!

Those that we have grown up with are commonly referred to as my childhood friends. We share a common past and my childhood/ teenage friends know me inside out, they`ve shared so many firsts and end-of-the-world-situations. I apologize for all the teenage drama I am sure I put you through, and all the Backstreet Boys mania. 😉 Sometimes we might have had a little trouble adjusting to changes when we have finally, after all the dramas and wrong turns and going- backs and/ or -sideways, grown up, moved away, maybe shortly grown apart.. but there is a connection that can not be deleted, in most cases. What is awesome is that some of those friendships have grown with me, and can be easily picked up even after months of radio silence. Appreciated!!! 

Some friends we make along the road, and I have often wondered how we pick them out of the crowd of new people we meet. I feel with some of you it was as simple as shared laughter, like in college, at a party once. That`s enough to get going and with some friends, we have been going ever since (or dancing.. or swaggering … or laughing hysterically…;-) ) Good times connections that stayed in not-so-good-times and made those brighter. At other times it was literally someone that I met in a crucial phase, a breakup, a new city, a new job, and going through this phase with me (or I with them), making our way, making mistakes and correcting them and reorganizing ourselves has tied us together and we have never unbound those ties. Those friendships feel often heavier to me, coz they maybe started with sharing problems and the transition to enjoying life together does not always come naturally; yet here we are 🙂

Having grown up, or mostly, out of my teenage years, I have thankfully stopped looking for friends my own age. Age does not matter; friendship is a recognition of souls, a connection that is more than common experiences, shared hobbies or the same job situation. Friends are not always present, in everyday life, nor do they always understand what the hell is going on in each other`s head (or heart, for that matter), yet friends have always been there for each other.  So this is for you.<3

For someone that knows and loves me …

You tell me I did the right thing
When I felt I did not know what I was doing

You tell me you admire my strength
When I feel extremely weak, just struggling

You make that one stupid insider joke exactly
when I`ve been crying my eyes out and make me laugh

You tell me I don`t need anybody but myself
When I feel lost and don`t know the way

You tell me not to change
When I feel being who I am is not enough

You tell me what I need to hear
When I feel like no one gets me, not even myself

You offer to hug me and then just hug me
When I push you away

You walk into the door bringing chocolate and Aperol and a smile
and whenever you do, you make me feel like there are no words. 

Here they are, those words. Thank you.


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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