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Top 10 things that make me smile

.. or rather: things that make me feel real.

1. Planning adventures. A lot. Booking them.
2. Coffee on my balcony in the morning, looking at the outline of the mountains.
3. Reading a friend`s text message and exactly knowing the tone in which she would say it if she were here.
4. Cats on my feet when I´m sleeping.
5. Making new friends and feeling like we`ve known each other for much longer than we actually do.
6. My students when they surprise me with their wit/ lack of knowledge made up by charm/ youthful cheerfulness. And then we laugh together.
7. Waking up in the arms of someone and not wanting to run away.
8. Knowing the people I care most about are safe. Happy. Warm feeling in my stomach.
9. Watching cats play. Or dogs. Or squirrels in the trees. Sitting and watching.
10. Driving my car and listening to my favourite songs. I could drive forever.

Why stop here?
11. Reading a book beginning to end on my sofa.
12. Kissing someone that makes me smile while we are kissing. Just because.
13. Napping in the afternoon, no alarm clock set. Or just lying in bed daydreaming.
14. Dancing. Trying new steps until they feel natural.
15. Dancing with someone that knows how to lead me. So I want to follow.
16. Seeing my friends getting married to someone they love, being part of it.
17. Watching films and speaking the lines. Almost always correctly. 😉
18. Remembering the good times with old friends, laughing, sharing stories, and all the while creating new ones. Good times.
19. Teasing people I care about affectionately.
20. Designing exams, knowing students will be challenged but do well in them.
21. Italian air, Italian cities, Italian language.
22. Listening to the one voice inside me that whispers “you´re out of your mind” with a glee in the eye instead of listening to the nine other ones that say “be safe”.

PS: Thankfully, I do not teach Maths.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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