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Best of USA (so far)

0. Most convenient app: Uber. How could I survive without it? Do not even need google maps anymore.

1. Best food: Planet Hollywood sports bar “Ocean One“. Chicken masala to die for. Or eat until you’re stuffed.

2. Best drink:… ? I do not drink alone.

3. Most surreal moment: Afro-American Uber driver and me talking about fun and sins in Vegas. He then asks if I ever had “African fun“. Duh? No, Sir, my sexual education has not gone that far. (Yet?)

4. Most amazing nature shot: Grand Canyon West Rim, Colorado river. Took my breath away, literally.

5. Biggest disappointment: Hoover dam only from a distance. No time to walk on it calculated in tour plan. (I did not believe my ears….!)

6. Teenie moment #1: bought BSB merchandise. Yes, I am serious. Tshirt, buttons.
6.1 Teenie moment #2: jump shots with the ladies!

7. Biggest surprise: made friends with two ladies from the Philippines that could be my Mums. Adorable!

8. Most real me- time: National Park around Golden Gate. Idyllic nature, sunshine, smell of the ocean, few tourists.

9. Best short-term fun: clinging on to the California Cable car on the outside steps, laughing like maniacs with all the others that were doing the same. Uphill.

10. Most heartwarming gesture: Nenen gave me her woolen cap, coz Austria is cold, she heard.

11. Best people watching: Fisherman’ s Wharf. Who knew people went swimming there?!

12. Most expensive shopping spree: I ❤ Lola, SF.

13. Best timing: Dad ‘s “We love you“ text in a moment I doubted myself. Awesome intuition.

14. Funniest situation: after speaking English with the totally gay couple next to me at the BSB concert, we realized he is from Vorarlberg. Small world!

15. Most appreciated: all the texts from home asking me how I am doing and encouraging me to enjoy myself.

I am 🙂

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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