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The hobbit in me

I used to call my sister a hobbit, coz she loves being home and the cosiness of it. Imagine my surprise when recently I’ve found the hobbit in me 😉


Having come back from SF, I feel like Bilbo Beutlin. Maybe this is due to the fact that I binge watched “The hobbit“ on my flight, and could relate to an impatient Gandalf nudging Bilbo to move out of his much too comfortable life – a life Bilbo did not realize the confinement of and was reluctant to leave behind.

However, after his adventure, or rather “the incident with the dragon“ (only I doubt he suffered from a jetlag…. 😉 ) that’s how Bilbo felt: energized, proud, head full of memories, dauntless, lucky to have made new friends. His adventure helped hin to discover his true self, and there is a unique energy in this. I know now that I can stand alone, that I am not scared of travelling alone and that I can make friends easily. I know that in me there is so much energy, it needs to get out and sparkle. And the world I have come back to is astonished by the brightness in my eyes and the smile on my lips.

Or a bit I might feel like Frodo Beutlin, after he had destroyed the ring and come back to the shire. His adventure had changed him in such a way that he felt unable to pick up the threads of his old life, that he felt disconnected to the people around him.
I feel that way, too. Not because of SF, but because the changes in my everyday life I have allowed and the choices I have forced myself to face have made me realize more and more what kind of person I am. And yes, I feel disconnected to some of the people in my life – yet also more connected to others whom I bonded with in this time when I was and still am discovering things (for lack of a better word- the teacher in me is right now underlining this in red!). And what kind of life I want to lead.

This life. A full one.

Since I am not broken by my adventure like Frodo, it may be a bad comparison. 🙂 It feels more as if all the broken pieces of me, of my old life (if u want to call it that) have been put together again and I like the picture. It looks like me. It feels like me.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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