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Value 2/7

2:) Depth of the soul

Have you ever had conversations you felt you have had a thousand times already? The people u talked to interchangeable? Topics that were predictable?
These conversations I feel are often with people that lack what I would like to call a depth of soul. Or rather: that do not dare to look deeper, since I am convinced every soul is deep in its own way.

On the other hand, I remember conversations I had, sometimes with complete strangers, that have stayed with me because they were extremely personal and unique, and went deeper than I ever imagined. And that touched something in me that is not easy to put in words.

I still find it hard to define this value, in me and in others. The best way to describe it maybe is that it is the things we do not see on the surface that determine this characteristic in certain people, in certain conversations, in certain ways of living.

Maybe I give you an example, or a few. I met a photographer in Australia, and he showed me his pictures. He was a rather shylooking older man with a certain serenity in his eyes. His photographs were of landscapes, which were special, and of people, and of whales. I remember him talking about them, and seeing the pictures at the same time. You did not need his words to know that he saw the person’s soul in that moment (though this is what his words expressed, precisely) or that the eye of the whale was a window to its soul – this is what he saw, and this is what his pictures portrayed. Not a moment, or a scene. A soul. I loved them.

Totally different, but still related: I sometimes go for drinks with friends, and as you do, I ask “How was your day?“ or “How are you?“. It is interesting to see the range of answers. Some state facts: I worked overtime a lot. I was sick. I met my mum and ran errands. Others begin their answers with “I feel“ and continue with openly describing what is inside them. Not facts. Feelings. Doubts. Wonders. Desires. Those are conversations that open doors. Those are the evenings we have spent hours philosophing about life, the sense(lessness) of work, individual fears and our dreams and I don’t know what. Our words went wherever our emotions lead us, in a way.Those are and were hours that make me feel alive and friendships that I cherish, because they run more deeply than others. I know which friends to meet when I yearn for an evening like this 🙂

It is, however, still a mystery to me how it is possible to meet a person for the first time and immediately feel a connection and have these conversations with strangers. Perhaps an openness or a similar depth of soul contribute to this feeling, or make it possibile. Especially when travelling it happened a lot: in Cambridge I made friends with girls (and a man) on the first day, it seemed as if we picked each other randomly from the crowd. But no, we recognized sth in each other.  Whenever we talk today, months later, it seems like it has been only yesterday that we spent our lunch break together or had an after-work drink. What I realized I love about these people: they listen with their heart.

While writing this, I noticed that a rather new hobby of mine belongs in this category of going deep: meditation. It is fascinating to me to learn how the subconscious works in its own way. And I’ve started reading books- not romances, like before – rather those odd ones with spiritual titles that challenge my way of thinking and make me want to develop. And now that I think of this, travelling belongs here, too. What else broadens the mind more than immersing yourself into another culture and seeing the world through their eyes?
As a dear friend of mine once put it: it is in vain to try to explain to some people what you bring home from your travels. They will never understand it. To others, you just don’t have to explain it: they get it. And will join you in your travel of the mind.

… to be continued.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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