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Value 3/7

3:) Kindness

Only in the last years did I notice this character trait in people. Before, I suppose due to youth or my age or a lack of depth on my side, I never really saw kindness in people. It seems to me they are often overlooked, because their kindness is often not something loud. Kindness is quiet, sometimes unseen, but leaves me with a warm feeling and a smile on my face.

I have come to appreciate small acts of kindness a lot, maybe since they are usually given of free will, so they truly come from the heart and sometimes the desire to do something for another person. Just because.

It is these little things that often touch my heart. My parents usually buy my favourite kind of sausage whenever I drive home for the weekend. As a teenager, my father usually bought me the new BSB album and the latest Harry Potter book without asking. When I arrive at my parents’ place, 9 of 10 times my Mum and/ or my Dad are waiting by the door to welcome me.My sister always remembers important events in my life and wishes me luck. Plus she notices sidecomments I make and always buys me perfect presents. A friend once gave me a blanket when I was lovesick because she was not around to hug me. Another friend once picked me up to fetch my car from the mechanic and saved me a tenuous 50-minute bus ride. Two friends once just stood in front of my door and hugged me, because I needed it. I received a lovely letter and a handmade bookmark by post that totally brightened my day. A colleague brought me tea because I had mentioned I was feeling a bit sick. Once when I was driving home in a hurry because my Mum was not well, another colleague texted me “drive safe“’.

Neither of those acts were a big thing. Yet they made a big difference to me and in some ways cemented relation- and friendships, as they showed care. So, sincerely, thank you.

Some people are just kind. I have been wondering how they show it, apart from these small acts of kindness listed above, but I must say I am failing. Partly they just listen, like really listen to you, I think. Partly they have an open heart that wants to give. With some I felt they were kind even though they had not “done“ anything for me, but there was a sincerity in their way that seemed to be rooted in kindness.

I wanna be like that.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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