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Good-bye, car, welcome life lesson: “Relaxation under duress“

I have always been a car person. It is totally relaxing to me to drive and to listen to music and sing along. It is even recreational for me to spend me-time on the road, alone with my thoughts on longer drives.

Unfortunately my old but adored car has developed an aversion to driving to Germany, to my parents’ place. It must be the Austrian plate that got him confused, poor baby. However, whenever a weekend there is planned, something comes up. Last time it was the exhaust pipe, this time it is some probe and, when it turned out that this one could in theory be fixed on time, it developed a problem with the clutch. (Dear beloved car, I got the message. You are too old to go to Germany. Please refrain from having more repairs needed and save me some money. I promise I will drive you on Austrian soil only!)

Out of options, I booked train tickets and got, lucky me, discout ones. Fifty bucks total, I was amazed.

Well, how shall I put this in polite terms? This trip sucks.

Firstly, the Austrian IC was delayed and even though I enquired with admitttedly friendly ÖBB personnel, it was impossible to find out at the station whether I would get my connection across the border in Germany. Another ÖBB personnel on the delayed train (18minutes, but who’s counting?) informed me later that the DB was informed. Aren’t we all informed. It made me roll my eyes in exasperation!

Reliably, the DB disappointed and was unable to comply to the cross-border wish to wait – and that even though our total delay had decreased to five minutes. I am sure one day I am gonna eyeroll myself into another dimension in which trains are late when the delay is actually useful to me.

Unsurprisingly, the alternative connections sucked and I had to wait for about 90 minutes at Lindau station whete there is nothing whatsoever to do on a foggy, cold November day that does not even offer a view of Lake Constance. Seven minutes were added to this time while I was already sitting on the train, due to the fact that this time, it was regrettably possible to wait for a connecting train. (at that stage, I was too annoyed to even roll my eyes, so I only huffed)

I could not believe my luck when the DB lady announced we were arriving in Augsburg on time. And I was right. I think technical problems prevented me from having 17 minutes to stroll from platform 6 to 1 to catch the IC (which was, to prove my above mentioned point, on time for a change). Instead, I had one minute to run like a maniac with estimated 25 other passengers – opportunity to thank my fitness coach for making me spend time on the treatmill or similar wonderful machines.

I got the connection. One more train to catch now before I reach my final destination. I dare not imagine what else might await me, so I shall envision a smooth transition and my punctual arrival in Bamberg.

After all, this trip has taught me to be flexible and calm and focus on the positive things. Like the working wifi on this IC, the cappuccino I just ordered and the fact I am going to see my family real soon. (How soon depends on my physical strength, the force of my visions, the reliability of DB to be unreliable yet unpredictable and the pleasant way I intend to pass the time until then..;) )

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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