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Beautiful lies

Whenever I met someone
I said I’d be open for whatever happens
When I look back now I must say
it was a beautiful lie
When I look in the mirror I must say
I always wanted love to happen

When I see this now I must say
I did it because I was not honest to myself
When I try to explain why I must say
I wanted it because that is what romantic hearts want, even if they do not feel it

Now that I met you
you who has already decided on the ending
When we have not even had a beginning
you who made me realize that my romantic heart goes with an exceptionally dirty and flexible mind

When I look at you, at us,
I see multiple endings,
maybe for the first time.

There is bravery in this kind of honesty.

And a beautiful symmetry seeing you don’t see what I see,

and knowing there is only one ending I want at this point in my life.

Which is definitely not the one you wrote.

It scares me more than my beautiful lie.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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