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As every year when the end comes, I find myself looking back.

This year, I have looked back differently. I tried going heart on myself and being thankful for the ongoing change, though it has been a whisper, and for all the things that make me happy and the people walking with me.

And every year, I usually make a list of new year resolutions, like “do more sports“, “call your grandmother more often“, … well, apart from the fact I feel I do more than enough sports already 😉 and have just seen my grandmother in real life, the thought of writing my resolutions for 2019 is absolutely not inspiring to me.

I feel I have lived differently lately and so I should go about this new year differently, too. I do not want to make a list of things I want to work off and then proudly say “I did it!“ And thankfully, I don’t have to.

Instead, I remember a piece of paper I carry with me always. I wrote this in August, after an epic epiphany of mine, if you want to call it that.

I think I will keep living according to this in 2019.
A free spirit, curious and open to new experiences. Maybe take more chances than before. 🙂 I will try and invite (and keep) more activities and people in my life which are good for me (and continue to cleanse my life of habits which aren’t…). And I will be ok with whatever I want, and not judge myself or stand in my way – but frequently listen to my melody and let it lead the way. 🙂

I don’t know how you start in this new year and what rituals you have, but I hope they are good ones and make you happy. Cheers!

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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