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In love with the story

I have always liked stories. It might be my grandmother’s fault, if there is blame to pass, which I don’t feel 😉 who has loved books and passed this love on to my mother and she to me, above all (my sister grew out of it). We were raised as fantasy-loving kids that had their parents read them (sometime the same, over and over…) good night stories in the evening, cuddled in our bed, wanting to know what happened next. Oh the tension, the curiosity! One more chapter, please!

And as an adult and one still incredibly fascinated by welltold stories, I find myself wondering sometimes. Is it possible that I sometimes am inclined to see amazing stories more than the actual people in them? That I like the supposedly happy (how else can it be in my perfect dreamworld?) ending more than I like the plot twists and turns that bring me there? That I want that final kiss more than the protagonist?

Introspection sucks.

However, it definitely makes me see my love stories (both the happy and the not-so-happy ones) from a new perspective. And the protagonists in them, too.

It might be a good time to stop seeing the potential of a great wonderful superromantic story when I meet someone and focus on seeing the other protagonist instead. Like, really seeing him, getting to know him, choosing him consciously. Envisioning what kind of relationship the two protagonists could have and what this I- narrator personally and specifically desires might not be a bad idea either. After all, she is one of the main characters… 😉

So, consequently, it is time to focus on the protagonists first, me and him. And when I like both, and both of them together, just let the story unfold.

Life writes the best stories, they say…

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

3 thoughts on “In love with the story”

  1. Ach wie schön. Ich hatte heute auch die Idee einen Beitrag über “Geschichten” zu schreiben…in uns schweben heute ein bisschen die gleichen Gedanken 🙂


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