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Challenged to question my way #2

Ever since my student’s presentation in class about why she has chosen the vegan lifestyle for herself, she inspired me to reconsider my habits. It is an ugly process, to be honest, yet I feel also a mature one, in a way. Here are the steps I have made to slowly change my way.

1. Ordering veggie dishes when eating out.
2. Giving the ham in my fridge to my cats and the tuna to my flatmate.
3. Calling my sister for recipes. (she was delighted to help)
4. Not buying any more meat or fish.
5. Asking the chef of our cafeteria at school for the vegetarian option. (carbonara with peas, who knew?)
6. Sharing my thoughts with friends.
7. Daring to tell my student she inspired me. (she was touched :))
8. Grocery shopping for new ingredients for new recipes.
9. Trying out the first vegetarian pasta recipe in my kitchen.
10. Writing the second blog entry about it. 🙂

I would not dare to call myself a vegetarian – for that, this is all too new to me and too much effort to change the way I ate for the last thirty-odd years. I am trying, though, have been for five days, so it might be ok to say I am pre-vegetarian.

PS You are welcome to share recipes, I am in desperate need 😉

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

5 thoughts on “Challenged to question my way #2”

  1. Ich bin selbst kein Vegetarier, aber einige der Schritte habe ich auch umgesetzt, um meinen Fleischkonsum zu minimieren.

    Ganze Rezepte würden den Rahmen hier glaub sprengen, aber meine Favoriten sind:

    Falafel mit Joghurtsoße
    Chili sin Carne (mit Instant-Bulgur)
    Allgemein Gemüsepfannen mit allem, was das Herz begehrt.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 😉 Wenn es hier eine Direktnachrichtenfunktion gäbe, würde ich dir auch gerne unsere Varianten schicken. Aber mit Google kommt man auch ganz gut ans Ziel, denke ich. 🙂

        Eins fällt mir noch ein:
        Bratkartoffeln mit Räuchertofuwürfeln ist auch eines meiner Lieblingsrezepte, wenn es mal schnell und einfach sein darf.

        Und es gibt eine ganz grandiose vegane Mouse aux Chocolat mit Seidentofu.


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