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Correction tape for life

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a correction tape for life? To erase situations we do not want to remember, to rewrite history, to go back in time and say our piece this time, to do what we should have done or even better, what was in our hearts?😉
What would the advertisement for this product say?

1) Put your foot in at work and insulted your superior?
Try our bad-situations-eraser and try to be charming now! 😇

Or 2)
Said “yes“ to that extrajob you do not care about and have no time for?
Try our going-back-in-time-tape and say “no“ this time, for God’s sake (and your own…)! 🙏

Or what if it wasn’t for work? What if there is something in your private life you’d want to set right? What would the ad say then?

3) Your friend just kept complaining about her first world problems and all you said was “Oh, what a shame!“ instead of asking if that was really all that she wanted to do this evening after you had not seen each other for weeks..?! Tape, correct, say how her behaviour made you feelthis time!

4) The guy you fancy walks by and says “Hi“ and nothing else, although he did just text you and was supercute – you are so shocked by this that you said “Hi“ back. Tape, correct, ask him wtf, or kiss him, or to delete your number. 😌

Unfortunately, thinktanks worldwide have not succeeded in designing a correction tape for life (if they do, I hope they come up with a fancier name than me…;-) ). But no reason to despair!

We have ourselves and the ability to learn from life. So the next time when life gives us a situation, we have the choice if we repeat the behaviour that did not feel right or try a different one – and grow. Awesome.

(end of ad)

PS Thx T for the offhand remark. 🙂

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

5 thoughts on “Correction tape for life”

  1. Haha. Klingt erstmal verlockend.
    Dann aber auch wieder nicht. Ich glaube, wir würden uns nur im Korrekturmodus befinden und alles noch mehr hinterfragen. Stichwort: Optimierung.
    Nur bei ganz krassen Erlebnissen/Traumata fände ich es erstrebenswert, so was zu haben.


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