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1,5 precious hours

It has just struck me
how much my way of thinking has changed. 🙂
how I like doing things another way 🙂
how I hope I’ll never lose it again 🙂

When I have 1,5 hours before I need to go somewhere, it used to be “wasted“ time to me. Not enough to actually do something other than watching a series or using this time for something purposeful, like cleaning the flat or doing other housework.

These days, 1,5 hours after work and before meeting a friend are precious to me. I initially just close my eyes and do nothing. Until a picture of me appears inside of me. And that is how I then choose to spend my time. Either dreaming or actually spending time like in the picture of my inner eye (what an expression 🙂 ).

At times I meditate, when it suits me. The amount of time it takes for my thoughts to shut up indicates my stress level 😉 which is always reduced afterwards. Yay. And I normally feel peaceful.

Sometimes I just see myself sitting in the winter sunshine on my balcony, cuddled in woolen socks and a fluffy blanket, enjoying its warmth on my face. And I know that I am smiling and happy.

Often I envision myself blissfully soaking in my hot tub, perfumed candles and relaxating music being my only companions. (unless the cats want to play with the foam – who could refuse them?:) ) Mostly my water in the tub is coloured, too, which gives me a silly kind of joy, the best.

Usually I find time to have tea on my couch, if none of the above appeal to me. Tea and daydreaming, doodling, back to daydreaming. Amazing.

It is funny how these simple moments of stillness can give me such peace. How time can literally stand still. How I can feel myself after this stillness I granted myself.

How happy I am. 🙂

Everybody should spend the in-between-times being happy doing nothing.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

5 thoughts on “1,5 precious hours”

  1. Visualisieren von schönen Momenten legt ganz schnell inneren Stress. Es macht glücklich und ist wohl eine der besten Arten Zeit zu verbringen, die man sonst nur verschwenden würde. Schöner, wahrer und wichtiger post von dir Cara.
    Lg Robert 🌞🌞🌞


  2. Nichts tun ist so wichtig. Leider verwechseln die Leute das Nichts immer mit dem Etwas und quetschen sich in jede Sekunde des Tages noch irgendwas rein. Ich neige auch dazu und muss mich bewusst bremsen. Du hast völlig recht, danke für die Erinnerung!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “And that is how I then choose to spend my time.”
    Zuerst hab ich mich verlesen und der Satz hieß dann:
    “And that is how I then choose to spend time with me.”
    Im Grund ist es das, was du auch für die anderen Momente beschreibst:
    Zeit mit sich verbringen, ganz zu sich kommen, sich wieder spüren.
    Du beschreibst es sehr schön. Und diese Momente sind unheimlich wertvoll. Ich pflege sie auch bewusst und gerne, ich brauche sie. Zum Auftanken.

    Liked by 1 person

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