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One year of mindfulness – my steps #1

It has been an eventful year – of tears, of frustration, of hurtful introspection. Of epiphanies, of laughter, of trying out new things, of terrific people and places and experiences, of lots of really honest and memorable conversations, of thankfulness and mindfulness, of change. Lately, of love.😊I started this journey by going to a life coach who gave me insight from outside and who guided me. She is top on my list of who I am grateful to – followed by literally everyone that pushed or supported me one way or the other in the last months. THANK YOU! 💞Here are the first steps of my year. 🙂Why I had refused to go to a life coach:
1. I was scared to find out I was a failure, or to admit that something was wrong.
2. I had been used to dealing with everything myself.
3. I felt asking for help means I am weak.
4. Alone the term “life coach“ makes me roll my eyes.
5. I was sceptical if a stranger could really be of help?Why I still went about a year ago:
I felt unhappy and that I needed change, that I was stuck in various patterns that did not make me happy. Yet I did not know what to do, how to change and where I wanted to go. The only way out I saw was to leave Vorarlberg, and that I was reluctant to do. So I went to Alex instead.Going there has opened new doors..Revelations of the coaching sessions:
1. Nothing I do not want to feel will go away if I ignore it. Accepting my emotions takes pressure off and I can relax.
2. I am good the way I am, with light and darkness inside.
3. There is in fact much more about my life in Vorarlberg that I appreciate than I saw/ realized.
4. Unless I know what is in my heart and what I truly wish (to be, to have, to do), I won’t have a direction to head to.(to be continued)

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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