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One year of mindfulness – final thoughts (for now)- #4

What is clear to me after more or less 365 days of mindfulness and working on my issues and allowing change to happen:

I am glad I went to see Alex. 🙂 Talking to a life coach, this life coach, no matter how much I dislike the term, has set me on a path I did not know I wanted to follow but that feels, well, like me.

It hardly matters that I doubt if I had managed to put into motion what I have without her input and guidance – I don’t play what-ifs, since I like where I am today 😇. From the outside, my life even might seem the same or only slightly different, but inside, I have felt the change every day since I am happier and more real.

The dynamics of my everyday life have, however, changed in the last year and that in a way that I totally appreciate. I like my new activities and tools and the people that have come into my life thanks to them. I decide consciously who I spend time with and then really am present, not just going through another “appointment“ on my list. I can see, like truly see, what I have, i.e. my parents with their strengths and faults, my sister, my longtime friends, my colleages and my job, my flat, my cats, myself … and feel grateful. Yet I at the same time I do not stand still but act on my wishes and dreams (most days, at least). That’s a new balance, I guess. 🙂

However, I find I often still struggle with distancing myself from others and their goals/ opinions and listening to only my voice, my needs. I am also still working on taking time for myself allowing me to not do anything at all. Not even working on my mindful life 😉 But to just be.

Again, thanks for all those that encourage me and listen to me or talk to me or invite me to come along wherever. For little postcards and letters of support. For those that in years too many to count have never left my side and believed in me, no matter what. Thanks 💞

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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