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Looking forward to

… May 30!

I have been recently asked whether I regret having opened my flat to a flatmate.

Financially speaking, no. I travelled to the US, to England, Slovenia, Italy and Mallorca because his rent gave me the freedom to do so.
I also feel he definitely cured my past crushes for men in their mid-twenties quite quickly after moving in, because living with one specimen day after day opened my eyes. A lot. (and yes, everybody is different, you can not generalize, it is not fair, etc etc.) I feel what I feel, and I am glad he made me finally realize that I am ten steps ahead of men in their mid-twenties. Which is fine, actually, more than fine.

So if he was here for eight months to give me these two things, I am exceptionally grateful. I choose to ignore the noise and dirt he made and the machoism displayed as well as all the times he annoyed the hell out of me for numerous reasons.

Instead, I am looking forward to the day he moves out. I can’t wait to have a bedroom separate from my living room/ office again. I am looking forward to letting fresh air into all the rooms every day. It makes me smile to know that I will get woken up by my cats or the alarm only. It brings me joy to know I can sleep half-naked and go to the bathroom just the way I am – with or without my boyfriend 🙂 – or not choose what clothes to wear before I take a shower and take them with me. We can sit in the kitchen and make tea alone, too. What I am looking forward to most is that the only mess I am gonna be cleaning up is mine, and that when I open the door to my flat, it will smell like me and be mine.

What will greet me in ten days are that, my cats and blissful silence. I can’t wait!

Ten days to go. Then I am free.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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