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Old habits die hard

… or: me and the gym 🙂

Lately, I find my time is rare – I have to consciously make time for certain things and people. Due to me dancing more evenings, I’ve reduced the times I go to the gym from four to two times a week. And I have not even managed that regularly lately!

Of course, dancing more and seeing my partner (and dancing with him 🙂 ), meeting friends and working full time and being mindful, too, automatically means there is less freetime for me to handle the way I please. It makes perfect sense, but does not solve my dilemma. Balance is hard for me, as I have stated before, so I am still struggling. To cut a long story short, going to the gym has somehow slided to the bottom of my this-is-important-list.

To nevertheless fill it dutifully in my full week, I’ve fallen into an old habit: I have put going to the gym in my calendar. Omg. Since I have done that, I have been going even less. Old habits really die hard, as this move proves.

Because, truth be told, I once already had the same realisation: I train more when I do not use a calendar. Instead of following an agenda, I started, but apparently stopped, following my needs. So what if my stupid calendar says I need to train on Thursday, but all I yearn for is the hot tub and a good book? I choose the tub! And what if I feel the need to exhaust myself on Sunday morning, but the gym is not on my agenda, however much I need it? I should go and come back tired but satisfied.

This is ridiculous for another reason, too. I actually like the gym, its smells, the sound of weights and me independently focussing on my body. I like the feeling of sore muscles when I shower, and the kind of tired exhaustion you get from doing sports.
Therefore it is high time I stopped seeing it as something to cross off my mental must-do-list and viewing it as quality time for myself.

Time I would like to take when I feel the need to, not when my calendar says so.

Old habits, please hibernate!

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

3 thoughts on “Old habits die hard”

  1. Zum Teil kenn ich das, bzw. hab ich ein ähnliches Luxusproblem: Meine Woche wird manchmal zu voll für Dinge, die mir auch wichtig sind. Ich sage bewusst Luxusproblem, weil es ja was Schönes ist, bspw. Zeit mit dem Partner, der Familie, Freunden usw. zu verbringen. Und es ist nicht falsch, mehrere Interessen und Hobbies zu haben. Aber irgendwo bleibt dann halt irgendwas auf der Strecke. Mir hilft da auch nur ein fester Plan. Gerade für Sport. Aber ganz so fest darf der Plan dann auch nicht sein. Ausnahmen müssen, finde ich, erlaubt sein. 😉


    1. Danke für dein Feedback! 🙂 Luxusproblem, ist es tatsächlich. Und eine solche Fülle zu haben ist schon schön 🙂 Vll nenne ich es Flexi-dates im Kalender, wenn ich Sport in den Plan eintrage…

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