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teacher’s notes: young adults today

The semester is quickly proceeding and most exams and tests have been written and corrected. I have felt the need for air teaching-wise, i.e. doing something different than reading, listening and speaking tasks or dealing with grammar (ugh). quotes as intro
I gave my 18/19- year olds quotes as a start, quotes by society on “the youth of today“. The quotes were cliché ones, and described young people as dreamers. Phone addicts. Impolite. Lazy. Not interested in politics. Spoiled.personal top five
They were asked to read the quotes and express their opinion. (basic). Then they were told to write a list of five phrases/ expressions that they personally feel characterize young adults their age.
As an example I gave them my impression “have all the choices, but often are overwhelmed by them“.I liked to see they were challenged, so I pushed further and invited them to share their top-five list with classmates, and maybe get inspired by those lists. I was prepared to motivate them to speak since this class is particularly shy; however, I was superfluus. 🙂the collection
To bring the ideaa together, each student finally had to decide on one characteristic they saw as defining, and I collected them on the board.
Funny how they varied.
Open-minded. Vulgar language is normal. Indecisive. Lazy. Impolite behaviour. Always broke/ money problems. Living online. Grow up fast. Childish but think they are mature.I was shocked how negative the image was, of themselves and their peers, and questioned them about the whys and hows. It was intriguing to learn that most of them could assess themselves quite easily and honestly in front of class – somehow I still was overwhelmed, on the one hand by their willingness to share this and on the other hand by the negativity.
The fact that many could reflect well and show empathy and emotions taught them wrong, in a way.wishes and hopes
Consequently, I asked them to express wishes. If you could, what would you wish for? What would you like to change? Where would you start? What would you need?And what can you yourself do, what are your individual steps?Feeling this was way too personal, I only gave them room for thoughts and notes and did not invite sharing. Unfortunately, this has left me at home, wondering about the minds of this group of young adults. ;-)I do hope a part of them is taking something home from today, too. 😉

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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