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Aftermath or bloodbath? #1

I am currently still working out the aftermath of my flatmate’s moving out.

The last weeks have been really exhausting. I did not feel at home in my home anymore, and he had apparently given up the pretense of caring that us sharing a flat would be amicable. Cooking loudly at past midnight and not cleaning were the highlights of his sins. Our communication mainly consisted of brusque whatsapp chats.

Needless to say I was literally counting the days until he moved out. Some beloved colleagues asked me daily, as did my boyfriend 😉

However, about a week before he left I explained to him in person that part of his deposit I would keep to cover the costs for a bill for water/electricity (the company had sent me the balance for 2018 and I had, or we, used more than the monthly average covered…). I tried to be clear and fair. Btw, we are talking about less than 10% of the whole deposit, a sum of about 60 Euro. He nodded and was AWOL for the rest of his stay.

On the day he left, though, he gave me the keys and, standing in the door, rather impolitely told me he wanted the bills and calculations to check. This caught me off guard, but I said yeah sure.

Six days after he had left and my flat had become a home again, we had a rather unpleasant whatsapp communication. To cut a long story short, I was accused of treating him wrongly and my boyfriend was actually the one responsible for the higher costs and so on (regardless of the fact that in 2018 my boyfriend had never set foot in my flat…!) I really tried to be polite and reasonable, but how can you reason with someone that always assumes the role of the victim and that feels life treats him unfairly?

Easy. You can’t. I transferred him his whole deposit, told him to stay out of my life and that the removal of his toxic presence was worth far more than 60 Euro to me.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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