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60 hours of mobile detox

Every holiday I take, I try to switch off my phone for a while. Mobile detox is a term created by the media that many are familiar with and that I embrace totally.

why mobile detox
To me, being on holidays means that I do not have to do anything. So, I do not have to be available or check my mails or answer texts or even take pics – I am just without my phone. However, I never set myself a limit for how long I switch it off; yet no matter how many days I spend phoneless, I realize the same things every time.

benefits of being phoneless
Firstly, being phoneless means somehow being timeless. Instead I solely focus on my needs and eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired, regardless of the time.

Secondly, I can be only here, now. Thus, I see the place where I am, I observe the people around me, I explore my surroundings, I let my thoughts drift and I am more aware of myself. Moreover, I talk more often to others. In addition to that, I tend to worry less without my phone – I enjoy the moment, here and now, and just smile.

Thirdly I always miss the same things after some time. Chatting to my family and some close friends, writing down ideas for my blog the moment I have them, and music. I miss choosing what song suits my mood in that moment, and dancing to it while getting ready in the morning. Furthermore I miss getting pics and videos sent by my catsitter(s), coz I miss my cats. These are people and things that do mean something to me.

lack of sth, creative solutions 😉
Luckily, there are ways around the amenities my phone usually provides-i.e. writing ideas on pen and paper, borrowing my boyfriend’s phone for the music and actually calling my dad to check in on things. And to be honest, I always love watching pics of my cats, even after 60 hours offline. 😹😇

lessons learned
To sum it up, all we have is now and I like being just here, now.
I try to cherish what and who I have in my life whenever I can.
And to listen to the quiet.

😊Maybe I inspired you to try some mobile detox time, too. 😊

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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