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Soft eyes, open heart

Dear hard hearted people with empty eyes,

Do not be afraid to let this world soften you up. It is too easy to be cynical and bitter. It is too easy to see what is wrong.

When I choose to look around, and focus on what makes me smile or go mushy inside, I always find something. And then I know why my heart is soft and my soul open.

I like seeing how my dad drives to my mum’s clinic sometimes twice a day to keep her company.
I like how my colleage gives me a great mindfulness magazine she liked.
I like hearing that my Mum has not lost her dry sense of humour despite her depression, that she is fighting back.
I like knowing that somebody mourns the dead dog by the road and misses him terribly.
I like feeling that my colleague is kind-hearted and welcoming at 7 way-too-early o’clock, like, always.
I like that a student carries his girlfriend’s gift.
I like seeing that old couple in the park, holding hands.
I like knowing my friend is astonished by the life growing inside her and sees this baby as a miracle.
I like how two students kiss goodbye before school as if they did not see each other again in the break.
I like how strangers wave at me on the highway because I have an Austrian license plate, as do they.
I like how an elderly man gave me his parking permit slip for free.
I like how a friend helped me clean the kitchen on a sunny day so that I could move out.
I like how my boyfriend never forgets to kiss me and mean it.

See. Look. Breathe. Untie that knot.

No room for hard hearts, only for open ones.

(Foto: pexels, Apostolos)

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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