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New patterns

Since my last post, I have directed my attention to new rituals that bring me joy and happiness instead of moaning the ones I have given up. Here we go 🙂

– pressing snooze to blissfully cuddle with him for five minutes before standing up
– drinking yummy Nespresso coffee in the comfy old armchair
– sometimes cycling to the train station with him and kissing goodbye at a red light
– listening to music via the excellent wifi on the fast trains
– taking an indulgent shower in the walk-in-shower with the rainforest showerhead after work to wash away my day
– having a snack at the beautiful wooden dining room table we rarely use, with my tiger cat on the black, slightly destroyed chair next to mine
– throwing stuff I don’t know what to do with in the broom closet
– preparing classes and correcting in our office, with his stuff next to mine – and closing the door on work later 🙂
– cooking together, or me watching him sitting on the kitchen counter
– dancing in the living room together or alone
– watching him ironing his shirts while I am doing my nails
– tv dinners with our series, sitting on the floor and being fine about it
– listening to him talking to or playing with the cats
– hanging my outfit for the next day in the bathroom the night before – I am so much faster now in the mornings! – drinking Hugo or Aperol Sprizz or sparkling wine together to wind down
– strolling through the city center before walking home
– lounging on the couch, facing outside, and watching the cats lounging right along with me
– writing my thankfulness diary while he is reading the paper
– always kissing him good night

… to be continued 🙂

(Foto: pexels)

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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