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“I threw my dreams into the sky and look what came back? A new life.“ (cf quote by Anais Nin)

I am serious and literal. 15 months ago I spent two weeks in Cambridge attending university there. My British teacher Anna was brilliant, creative and a true inspiration to me, and the other ladies in my class.

One day in the amazing two weeks she asked us what we would do with a million dollars, and to decide on three dreams we would realize. We were told to write them on a piece of paper and form a paper ball. She gave us sheets in shades of yellow for that.
To be honest, I only knew one dream of mine right away, to travel the world. The others took some soul searching, but finally I wrote them down and felt they were true.
Anna never rushed us, so we could take our time. Calmly she collected our balls one after the other in a grey wooden box. The box looked deceivingly harmless. After we had all given her our dreams, she stood on a chair and threw them in the air. We were to catch the dreams (paperballs) and bring them back to their owner.

It was an impressive image, how hands grasped yellow paper balls, one that stayed with me for the next months. All of us were dreamcatchers.🙂

Moreover, it was fun to unfold the paper ball I caught, straighten the paper and find out what my fellow student dreamed about. I enjoyed looking for the author of the list, to talk to others about their dreams, to dream a little myself.

In hindsight, writing my three dreams on the piece of paper made them feasible for me, and they established themselves more thoroughly in my mind.

Now, 15 months later, without the milion dollars, however, I have made one dream come true. I got my eyes lasered, and on Saturday was the first day of my life without glasses or contact lenses. It feels awesome.
See, Anna, you make dreams come true. 🙂

What dreams would you throw into the sky?

Btw, I have introduced one of my favourite classes to this activity last year. I am curious if I ever find out what dreams manifested in them… 😁 In any case, I like the idea that I maybe stirred a process, like Anna’s dreamcatcher activity did in me.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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