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Time and days

time dominated days

We all know them, the days that feel like rush hour, only that one of those only lasts 60 minutes. My rush days take me from doing household chores to preparing lessons to running errands; or home from school, grocery shopping, last-minute-preparations and in the car to go to dancing class.

I get a lot of things done during those days. Often I find myself pushing my to-dos in those days off, or afternoons off, the procastinating thing ending NOW, at this day, because my calendar tells me so.

However, I am not really happy after checking everything off my to-do-list. The benefit is, that the to-do-list as least is off my mind. For now.

wandering days

I sincerely hope we also know these days, “the timeless days“. Happily I get up when I wish to, I cuddle in bed with the cats, I do not have a to-do-list or I am in a place where I definitely can ignore it. 😁 I daydream, and write in my thankfulness diary. I meditate, and watch the sky. I listen to the world outside pass by and actually am aware of my world inside. I read a bit and sometimes soak in the tub. Or I just relax on my sofa. I spontaneously stroll through town, window shopping or actually buying one thing or the other. I drink coffee in a cafè and watch people or read a book.

I get a lot of things done these days- things I can write in my mindfulness calendar “Ein guter Plan“ afterwards. Usually I find myself relaxed and creative and energetic at the same time after a timeless day.

I know I need both days. I am working on having more of a balance here. 🎆🙂

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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