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School of life #2

as indicated, this is the second lesson my students taught me at prom. 😁

After the emotional turmoil of their speech at prom, I sought out who I could find in the huge crowd and thanked these young men and women and tried to express how much they’d moved me. I was met with huge smiles and fantastic outfits.

Soon it was time for their show, and as promised, I was standing (or rather cheering them on) in front of the stage. Watching the five groups dance their way through the decades was highly entertaining and I felt like I was setting every step with them. I noticed their missteps, their flaws, the shine in their eyes and the way some could not take themselves too seriously and just hung on; I saw the fun they had and the way each routine reflected on the character of the group. And each group member contributed in his/ her way to the show. I loved their show. It made me so proud, and I know, this evening has changed me.

Yes, I am a teacher. I teach languages. And yes, I am human. I make mistakes.

Lately, I seem to have forgotten that I teach more than languages, that there is more to a classroom than vocab and tasks and marks. I teach humans, all of them individuals. Undone homework, pending exams, filling the gap in their knowledge, preparation for final exams,… of course, important. Yes, my job.

However, at prom my class reminded me that a student is more than a name on a list with marks following.
They showed me rather unexpectedly what I did not consciously teach them, what probably can not be taught but must be experienced. They showed me and the audience their true colours and individuality on stage.

Each of them already is their own person. Each of them is good. They have character, and life has not made them mainstream. Halleluja!!! I consider myself lucky to have been part of their path for some time. I hope they find their way as adults once they have left school, and remember their time fondly.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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