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Vacation at a Golden Oldie destination

Well, it was to be expected that at this time of the year, not many people my age would be on vacation. Additionally, even fewer would be solo travelers like me.

A new kind of adventure

To be honest, I was scared to fly on my all inclusive trip to the canary islands on my own. The other solo trips I had done were, after all, sightseeing trips, like Florence, or adventurous ones, like California, or a combination of travelling and visiting friends. Honestly, I had never done the lazying-around-on-the-beach on my own. What if it drove me mad to just be with myself, a voice inside myself whispered the night before my flight.

To make the lazy complete, I have booked flight+hotel+all inclusive+transport. So far, I must say I have gotten what I have paid for: everything is taken care of, all I have to do is take care of myself. 😈😇

Benefits of this destination

Furthermore, it amazes me how relaxing this holiday is. There are a handful of families here, some young parents plus toddlers, a few males travelling together (the sporty/ windsurfing type, I guess..)., but these are rare.

The other guests are mainly like, 50+, and nothing seems to hurry or worry them. I found myself lounging on a sunlounger (9€, incl sunshade – here you see the target group!!!) next to them at the beach in companionable laziness yesterday. I got friendly smiles when looking around, nobody was checking me out. My too-early-am beach walk company was walking slowly in the very early morning, so I kind of slowed down automatically, too, and enjoyed the breeze. At the bar in the eve, no one was in a hurry to get drinks, everybody chatted amicably while we were waiting. Moreover, I got some insider tips when sharing a table with a German couple. What I truly love is, that there is hardly any stress and queueing at the buffet; I noticed a mild critical stare by a lady once, as one of the rare teenage boys bumped into her, but nothing could stop her slow walk to her table with a smile and her half-full plate.

Romantic …me? Never.

And honestly, is there anything more heartwarming than old couples? Not old in age, but old by the years they have been together? I love observing the loving bickering, the easy way they set up and fall into their sunlounger routine in the morning, the knowing glances, the holding hands, as much for steadiness as for love. (if you have not picked me as a hopeless romantic, here is your clue)

So here I am, relaxing and slowing down. Of course, I wish my boyfriend was here. What I wish for more often, however, is us being like these old couples someday.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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