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Routine is lethal

One might think, she is spending time at a hotel, all inclusive. What else should there be than routine and every day the same procedure?

There are days at home when I find myself wishing I had as much freedom of choice as here. Surprisingly, I have no obligations here: no groceries need to be bought, no meal prepared, I do not clean nor make my bed. When it suits me, I obey the meal times, when it does not, I have a snack. This leaves me with endless times at my diaposal.

I love it!

Firstly, I had it all planned out. Wake up, meditate, have breakfast, go to the beach, have lunch, swim in the pool, … then life kicked some sense in my control freak self.

The first morning I woke up at 7, not hungry, with the antsy feeling I needed to move (train+flight+bus= lots of time sitting around). So I quickly got dressed and watched the sunrise at the beach (is there anything more beautiful?!), froze my feet in the ocean and sat on a swing and enjoyed the quite empty scenery. Imagine I had missed that because of my plan!
The next day, however, I opened my eyes and wanted to meditate. And the next day, I meditated in the middle of the day, when I felt like it, right there, in my bikini.

And about the beach. Yes, it is lovely and tempting. Yes, I love the smells and the sounds. However, one must not forgwt, it is freaking February. After a first whole day spent at the windy beach, frequently freezing and covering myself countless times to shelter my skin from the fresh wind (apart from 3-5, then it was hot all of a sudden!), I decided what the hell. Therefore, I spent the next day at the huge swimming pool area, comfortably warm in my bikini. I got a tan, had an admittedly short swim and read a book or watched people. Awesome day.

Let me tell you about food. At home, I have a yoghurt for breakfast. Here, each day I wander the buffet and surprise myself. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, muesli, all kinds of exotic jam (mango-limon, papaya-orange being my favourite) on bread, fruit,… each breakfast starts without a routine, but with a variety of tastes.

Needless to say, I try to walk the kilos off by aimlessly strolling through the resort feeding and petting cats, or by having a long walk on the beach (shorts& sweater & windbreaker make that one warm).

I love my not-routine and the time I have for myself. At home, I often find it easier to have a plan and stick to it- even though I might not actually care for it. Maybe I can take some of my no-routine mindset home with me.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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