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Couch Central #2

Since both of us are working from home, there are some benefits I appreciate.

It is possible for us to get up at the same time and have coffee together before we boot up our computers.
We prepare lunch together – yesterday we actually ate on our sunny balcony.🙂
Very early this year, due to springy temperatures, I have redecorated and dusted the balcony – and planted some flowers in colourful pots. It is nice to do this in the daylight with the  my boyfriend and the cats helping me.🌸😺
I can have my coffeebreak on the sofa, with Coco on my lap, or on the balcony bench, holding hands with him.
Usually in the evening, we have lately taken the time to go for a walk, and I feel like we have talked a lot, maybe more than usual, with each other.
The other day we danced Kizomba in our pjs in the living room, just because.
And it seems there is lots of time to cuddle and watch films and solve Sudokus.❤❤❤
It feels as if my work gets done more productively, because I do it in sections every day, and stick with it, and do not organize it around my teaching/ conferences/free time activities.
Surprisingly, there is still time to meditate daily.🙏
And I have today realized how many birds I can hear without the traffic, and how beautiful the view from our balcony is.😍

I hope you can still see your world through loving and slightly rose-coloured eyes, too.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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