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Creativity starts with a C, too

In these last weeks when I could hardly change my surroundings because of this lockdown, and yet I had to find a rhythm working from home, I found the first one harder to deal with.

I am curious and sociable, so this was hard for me. However, as many people nowadays- have you heard of the London priest holding outside masses on the streets?- I got creative to submit myself to “new“ input – workwise I have learned much new anyways, as I have written about before.

Regarding my life in our flat, here is what we’ve/ I’ve done recently:
– We have baked different cakes, usually once a week we tried a new recipe
– Each day I try to do a quick 10-15 minute yoga routine (Yoga with Kassandra – well explained, love her flow🙂👣 Thx to my friend S for the tip)
– I have taken out my colouring set and my mandala book🌸
– I or rather we created selfmade “Happy Easter“ cards with much love for our families and close friends 🐣
– I have sat outside on our balcony and listened to the birds
– I have tried different meditations, old and new ones, nearly daily🙏
– I try to read good books, and challenging ones (currently: Byron Katie, Loving what is ; thx to C for the recommendation)
– My boyfriend and me cook fresh food daily, mixing beloved favourite recipes with new ones – and in the evening, we have desperately tried to complete a 1000- piece puzzle 😇😋

When I am outside, I have also varied my routine a bit:
– I have rediscovered the joy of inline skating
– My boyfriend and me have initially walked most of the streets of our suburb (including one of truly fancy rich villas). I do know my favourite garden landscapes by now. 🌱🌻🌷🍀
– We have cycled along the riverfront and a bit farther than our walks
– We have literally looked up too see the beautiful cherry blossoms or how the leaves on our routine walks change with time
– We have often stopped at a public fish pond to observe and learn from the happy fish there😍🐠🐟
– We have just gone on a light hike and enjoyed the simplicity of nature
– We have sat by the lake, empty of boats, in blissful silence

Maybe you find some inspiration to vary your routine, too. I hope you find beauty in your everyday life. It seems to me these days that I value simple things more.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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