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My day through Rambo’s eyes

I totally love my flat. It has floors on which you can play slide, and a huge bath tub in which I can sit and wait till someone opens the tap and lets me drink.
In the very early morning, me and my flatmate Coco usually chase each other along the looong corridor and slide. Sometimes we run into the half-lit room where our two followers are sleeping and jump on the soft thing. Strange our followers.

The she-follower usually does not hear the alarm clock, so me and Coco have to jump on the bed and nudge her. Mostly she is totally cuddly in the morning and does not get that I am hungry. Sometimes the he-follower cuddles with her, or Coco does – man, I can olny roll my eyes. All this love! When she finally gets up, it helps to run into the kitchen so she can find her way there and feed me. Finally! However, I often only eat half and check Coco’s food- must make sure she gets the same. She is peaceful enough and just swaps with me.

My day gets busy quickly. My morning cleaning routine takes me forever – especially my paws and claws must be absolutely flawless. Furthermore, I need to check that my she-follower does the Yoga correctly on the living-room floor, before I check what’s going on in the office. The he-follower is truly a busy bee and barely has time to cuddle. I lounge on the sofa to support him, or on the one in the living room to watch her. She is more easily diatracted thab him, so from time to time she watches me or talks to me. I love that, and answer her a lot. She always seems to care.

However, I can not lounge here forever- my followers need support preparing lunch, so I gracefully jump on the bar stool close to the kitchen and oberseve them carefully. Mostly I get some tummy-scratching out of it, too! Awesome! Soon it is too much for me, though – need to stretch out on the floor for some distance. I think it is odd how my followers prepare something to eat, wiggle their hips and make odd screeching sounds. Humans and their rituals- so weird.

When their feeding ritual is finally completed, it is time to open the balcony doors so I can check on things outside. I smell on the flowers, and chase some flies and leave my scent on the pillows. When the sun is shining, I get a tan. My she-follower often imitates me, but she needs to spread something on herself. Guess not everybody can have my amazing fur. When my followers are not looking, I steal my way on the balcony next to mine – have to check that there is no intruder hiding there. And, the human there has different plants to chew on, yummy.

I always have to play nice when I get back, and look innocent. For some reason, my followers feel it is not my place to check on the other balcony. Odd they are, she shouts at me often and he scolds me. I wonder why. Can’t they see I am just fine and it is my job to protect them?

They are lucky I hold no grudge, so I ignore their complaints. In the evening, I let them share my sofa and admire my way of lounging. Occasionally I must grunt to let them know how much I appreciate the company. Often I doze off, but my she-follower often looks at something and laughs out loud- another odd thing about her. I meow to tell her it is ok, then I resume my sleeping. It is so comfortable on my blanket that no one ever removes.

I radiate happiness when the followers move to bed, Coco joining them. It is time for some me-time before I follow them to wake over their sleep on the foot of the bed. My snoring will definitely chase away any enemies.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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