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Letter to post-Corona me

Dear post-corona me,

I know Corona and the measures to contain it are not over yet. I know you are eager to go out, live your life, go dancing and meet friends…I know. These weeks have been hard. I know. You have energy to spare.

However, I would like you to focus this energy inwards. I woulf ask you to take a moment to just sit and wonder. A moment in which you consciously remember what you enjoyed so much about these last weeks, no matter the hardships and regulations and limitations. And? What did you enjoy?
Right. Time. Free time at your disposal, to fill with whatever you needed. Freedom to choose how you want to pass the time, where your needs lead you.

Therefore I would like you to sit and wonder a bit, who you want to be.

Do you want to be the woman that rushes from appointment A to meeting a friend B to running errands C, only to come home exhausted, or would you rather sit and listen to the birds and the wind and the waves? Do you want to wake up and start working off your to-do-list, or would you rather take your time and envision what will make your day beautiful, and set your intention before you work? Do you want to let other people annoy you and steal your energy, or would you prefer to only spend your time in good company (as far as possible, of course), even this means it is your own? Do you want to be the daughter that sees her parents only every 2 -3 months, or do you wish to have a closer relationship – and work on it, too? Do you want to be stressed out because your progress as a dancer has been interrupted, or would you just like to dance and feel the joy and the freedom? Do you want to teach English, or do you actually take the time to listen to those you teach? Do you want to be stuck in old patterns and feel responsible for feeding him, which is totally ridiculous, or will you finally claim the space he has given you long ago and just be? Do you want to hide your light and energy from others, or are you ready to sparkle and attract those that see you, and appreciate you? Do you want to spend free afternoons cleaning and doing the laundry, or would you rather practise a yoga flow or ride your bike and feel the sun on your skin? Do you forever want to travel and check places off your imaginary list, because you feel you have not seen them all, or do you explore the world and see it through your eyes, take breaks, no matter where, with and without him?

I ask you not to judge. I only ask you to sit and wonder. Moreover, I would like you to listen, too, because all the answers you need, every single one, is .. you.

With a nudge,
while-Corona me

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

3 thoughts on “Letter to post-Corona me”

  1. Hi Cara,
    I love this article and I needed this reminder. I used to crave time to sit down and relax or go for walks and now I just want to go out etc, knowing that I will miss something about the current situation later on. Much better to use it to reflect on our wants and needs and to be able to really feel the present moment! Hope you are doing well,
    all the best, Helen

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