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I have been practising “Yoga with Kassandra“ for a while now, usually every day in the morning before I start work in my home office. Most days I choose whatever video of her 30-day-challenge. Being me, I can not start with day 1 and follow the videos in chronological order, that would put me under pressure.

So I choose randomly. Yesterday I did the flow of day 17, and the affirmation (each day a different one, sorry, forgot) was: I allow abundance into my life.

Most of her affirmations have been clear to me from the start; e.g. “I appreciate those closest to me“, or “I deserve to be love and respected“, or “Joy is my birthright“. this one, however, has not and made me ponder. Abundance of what?

Abundance of..
peace (with who I am, with the things I can not change)
love (for myself, this life, the ones I love)
positivity (positive thoughts and people in my life🌞)
trust (in what I feel and in the good in life)
strength (to stand up for myself, to stay in tune with myself even if it is hard)
lightheartedness (joy in and beauty around me makes me feel this🌴🌸🌻🌈☁)
freedom (free time to do with as I please, freedom to choose who I spend time with, freedom to choose who annoys me and who I don’t care to let me annoy me)

dreams (why not have many?)

Anyways, as you can plainly see, this affirmation busied my mind for a while. 😹🙈Maybe it does yours, too.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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