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Utterly charmed in France

There is something to be said about small, family-run hotels. 🙂 that inspired this blog.

On our first night in France we stayed in a little out-of-town hotel close to Sisteron. It seemed as if it had once been a huge country house, settled among fields and trees and close to an small aerodrome, transformed into a hotel. Its owners lived on-site, though I only met the lady of the house, an extremely sociable person with a quick wit and a limited amount of English – however, her hands and smiles always kept the conversation going.
Although we had a lack of certain comforts, like a lift or an air condition, this lovely hotel utterly charmed me. Here is why.

The garden
I loved the garden right away, even more so after our ten-hour car trip to this first stop. There were huge trees, among them an old willow, with lounge chairs below them, inviting us to have a drink (which we did). Furthermore, there were some flowerbeds here and there with cheerful blossoms that gave the garden a kept but rather informal atmosphere. All we heard while enjoying our wine were the crickets and the wind rustling the leaves.

The breakfast
After a good night’s sleep, we went downstairs to take our breakfast in the garden. The terrace had a roof of grapevines twirling themselves around the pillars, and around us we heard the sounds of the wind in the trees and the countryside. The evening before, we had chosen the largest of the three breakfast options, and were in food heaven.
The owner dealt with the preparation of the food as well as with serving it herself, and managed to do this without looking hurried and with enough time for a short chat with everyone. Chapeau!
She furthermore told us she had baked one of the breads herself (awesome, bred with lemon taste) and the three marmelades were homemade, too: pear, apricot and lemon/pasteque (she tried to explain, but my best understanding is it was a regional fruit?!). Our feast included self-made yoghurt, too, as well as apricot juice. Awesome.

The details
I know bigger hotels offer amenities I enjoy for long-time stays, yet this hotel convinced of some unique details. Apart from the land lady, which was pretty special herself, and the garden and the black-and-white cuddly cat, the rooms were full of interesting details, too. There were bows on the wardrobe, the soap plate matched the bin in the bathroom in design, and our bed-side tables were former wooden wine crates mounted to the walls. On our window sill flowers sat and the towels were fluffy, too.

All in all I must say I plan to stay in smaller hotels more in the future.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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