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First World Ponderings, or: Beach Manual

Going to the beach for a whole day of sunbathing requires careful planning and consideration. One must not go unprepared! Hence this set of instructions (wink intended).

At Home
Undress yourself and cover every ounce of skin you can reach with a sunblocker (30at least, 50 is better). Give the sunblocker to your partner then for the parts you can not reach. (Refrain from sexual activity at this stage, it might be a slippery affair)

Wear your bikini/ trunks and casual beach wear. Do not forget stylish sunglasses and a hat. I recommend Havaianas on your feet, they give you the beach feeling right away.

Pack everything you need for two people: a blanket, a sunshade, two towels, enough water bottles (don’t want to pay 3 Euro for water when you can pay 12 for a Caipi, do you?), books and headphones and your phone, snacks and cash. Add beach ball, if needed, and a second set of swimwear to change.

Make sure the weight of all your beach equipment is distributed equally for your 15-20 minute walk to the beach, so nobody gets grumpy.

At the Beach
It is of crucial importance to secure the right spot to lounge happily for the rest of the day.
The right spot:
– is close to a palm tree for some extra shade
– is far away from the trash bin (ugh), the path from the parking lot to the beach (too much traffic) and teenagers trying to impress each other (males) or flirt/ giggle (the latter mostly females, sadly)
– is possibly far away from babies
– is on soft sand (better for your back, and to plunge the sunshade in)
– offers an excellent view for peoplewatching

Once you have found the spot, place your blanket, set up the sunshade strategically and put the food/ drinks in the shade.

Lie down. Enjoy. Do it again tomorrow.

P.S.: Do not forget to adjust the position of your blanket according to the position of the sun every 30 minutes, it changes obviously.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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