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Peoplewatching in France #1

As you all know, I love peoplewatching and in our summer vacation I was spending lots of time indulging this habit. πŸ™‚πŸ’•It is fascinating to see different ways of life, different habits and priorities – sometimes my own are challenged.

Picnic πŸ™‚
One of the first things I have noticed is how many French families have a picnic on the beach at sunset. At about 7/8 p.m. you can see large groups pf people coming, grandparents and kids and parents, carrying picnic chairs and tables and sometimes a grill and often huge coolers close to the beach. Expertly everything is set up, the kids go swimming or play football and the adults prepare dinner, have a beer or wine from plastic cups. And this goes on for hours and includes laughter and music, too.πŸ‰πŸ™‚πŸ˜‡ Amazing!

Note: the beach is clean the next day, so I guess the picnicers take their trash home.

Overtaking πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
A lot has been said about the style of driving in mediterranean countries. In my opinion, all of it is true. Above all, it is crazy to my German mind, shows no regard whatsoever for rules and no respect for the partly especially expensive cars driving around in this area. Accelerating and honking seem to be the way to surviveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ – when you brake, you must have apparently been interrupting the flow (thus you are honked at, understandably😬😈). Last time we were on the road, I saw two scooters next to each other overtaking a car in the middle of the two already narrow lanes. I closed my eyes, sure to hear a crash soon. But no, not this time… .

However, on the beach you regularly hear the ambulance and police rushing by, sirens wailing, at least once a day – no surprise there. Without being overly judgemental, being on the road here just seems stressful to me and I wish the pace was slower.

Cars not repaired πŸ˜‘πŸ˜―
A topic related, in my mind, to the driving-like-maniacs attitude here, is the number of cars you can spot with scratches, unrepaired dents or missing windows. It seems as if most damages are kept instead of repaired (maybe because it seems senseless, as there are quite a few of them?). Just today we have seen a small Renault, held together at the rear with an unbelievable amount of duct tape. Fashionably, the tape matched the car’s colour perfectly. πŸ˜‰(As a German coming from a country were cars are seen as status symbol and are cleaned weekly, I kind of admire the don’t-care-attitude, in a way..πŸ˜‰ and am constantly amused by the DIY-repairs.)

(Maxi )Fashion 😯?πŸ˜‚
A big fashion item is the currently modern maxi dress; most of the females seen in this area wore one in the evenings (a sure sign I am not a fashion addict, as I refuse to wear a maxi dress that makes me even smaller). However cool the dress might be, often it is combined with
plushy bath slippers.😱😱😱😱 (the plush mostly pink or white or black). Consequently, I must shake my head. Better no fashion than this one, in my opinion. Seeing the plush bath slippers with beachwear only slightly improved the whole thing.

(… to be continued)

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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