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Do less, feel more

Yesterday, I have done a longer “Yoga with Kassandra“ practise on youtube that focussed on setting intentions for the next week (and dealt with the lunar cycle as well).

A question that stuck with me was: What do you need more of and what do you need less of?

In this second lockdown, I kind of have felt off. Distance teaching works better now, sure; yet the feeling that the walls of my office are closing down on me and the urge to scream in frustration are quite frequent. I even had a Sunday Corona blues, thinking of Monday and another week of my life ahead that does not feel like my life made me all whiny. I never whine.

Consequently, something has to change.

What I need more of:
– positive people to talk to/ go for a walk with
– slow Yoga flows that calm me down
– time without purpose
– daydreams
– stillness and tea
– feel-good series (“Good Witch“) and books
– patience with myself: it is ok that the lockdown is hard on me
– feelings that are true and allowed to be felt

What I need less of:
– Corona news
– live stream online classes (exhausting)
– worries
– household chores (I see so much when I am home all day)
– time in my little office
– people telling me crazy and depressing Corona stories
– obligations and expectations (mine and of others)

Hopefully, these intentions and their realization in my daily life take a bit of the anxiety away this week, so I can feel lighter.

Hope you all have a great start of the week!💕

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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