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A new ritual, a new diary

After considering this for a while, I have decided to change my daily ritual.πŸ™ƒ

For two years now, I have worked with “Ein guter Plan”, a mindfulness calendar, as I would describe it. At the beginning, it helped me to monitor my daily habits, to evualuate my mindfulness and the time I usually take for myself. Moreover it supported me in establishing routines that make my days brighter, like Yoga and going for regular and long walks and quality time for myself. The weekly space left I used for mantras or things I would like to focus on that week. My favourite aspect of the calendar was that it was organized in weeks and left space for activites I like to do and a classic to-do-list (fun and duties).

Lately, however, I have felt this mindfulness diary was kind of limiting me. It seemed as if I was just following the motions more than appreciating my mindful life, just something else that made me “do” something. I wanted to feel and be more, and do less…

Thank you, guter Plan, for being my daily companion for more than two years. I appreciate everything I have learned about myself and my days..!

For this year, I have bought and started a 6-minute-diary. I have blogged about this before, and tested it for a week during the first lockdown in spring – and enjoyed it. It gives you 3 questions in the morning and 3 others in the evening that I find reflective rather than productive. Furthermore, there are 5 weekly questions to ponder (the questions themselves being more important than the answers) as well as habit-trackers for each month. The latter I have come to appreciate in my former ritual/plan as well – it motivates me to go for walks regularly, or to do Yoga daily, and this month, to meditate more.

So far, I have managed to remember my new diary all mornings, yet not every evening, as this evening ritual is something I am not used to. I have, however, put it on my nightstand to visually remind me of it before I go to bed. This has worked much better!

I hope everyone has some kind of ritual/ me-time regularly. 6 minutes daily are mine.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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