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Ode to the people I cherish ♡

My new diary “Das 6-Minuten-Tagebuch” offers 5 questions to ponder every week. Some of them are simple to answer, others I ignore and others open my eyes.

One of the questions made me see the people in my life more clearly.

The people in my life that I cherish and are grateful for & want to be around…
… are real; the way they are and how they live their life match. There is truth in their daily actions, and some of them have accepted and overcome hard truths and times to be where they are today. Their relationships are real and based on genuine feelings and affection, which is tangible when you are around them. I sometimes just sit with my coffee or tea and bathe in their reality because it is beautiful to be a  part of it.
Furthermore, I find it natural to be myself with them and feel no need to be my moderate version, but dare to be colourful and honest and to sparkle.

… have found their place and seem settled, grounded and happy. Sometimes I feel this is connected to them having the – for them- right and also real people in their life; other times these friends of mine seem like they just know who they are and where they belong. This is completely inspiring.

… are positive. They view life as a gift and something to be lived with joy; they see and seek beauty, not drama. (- Not an easy thing in the ongoing pandemic) It is possible for them to appreciate the simple things everyday, like birdsong, or flowers, or the quiet of the forest and the smile of a kid or a walk along the lake. Simple and awesome.

… are kind. Some kindnesses can not be taught, but are innate; I often view these people as really special because of their kindness. Others, however, show kindness and caring in littles gestures, which I feel actually come from truly seeing people and their needs. Amazing when I find myself at the receiving end of them! Help given in stressful times. A hug in the right moment. Chocolate saved from New Year’s when I could not be there and was terribly missed. Listening, just truly listening.

… are self-reliant. They generally do not need me or anyone, and take care of themselves and their well-being. Mostly I perceive them as free and light-hearted, carefree and easy to be around. I often feel it is ok to say YES and NO to them, no judgement, no pressure – and thus I love saying yes. 🙂  It feels as if we spend time because they appreciate me and my time and vice versa, and so it is. Easy. I am so grateful.

… have grown, one way or the other. It is fascinating to notice how people I have known for years change and develop as a person – by travelling, a new place, a different crowd… or some because they have had the courage to look their demons in the eye and come out stronger. Their growth is inspiration and motivation and something I feel admirable.

Thank you; if you are in my mind and heart when writing this post, you will hopefully find yourself in these lines.

Thank you for walking this road with me, for inspiring me, for teaching me, for challenging me, for making me laugh and dance and wonder, and taking me as I am.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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