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I am standing in the bend of the road. To the left and to the right it curves and on my left a slight slope is expecting to be climbed, a bit rocky, but oh so beautiful with wildflowers here and there colouring the area.

On my right side there is a beautiful tree covering the sight of the way I have come from. It is impossible to see every bend and wrong turn, all there is is this huge weeping willow. It is like a border without being exclusive; I could sit in its shade and feel safe under the hundreds of branches swaying in the air. I know a part of me wants to, and peek back, to see.

I do not wish to go back, only sometimes feel the urge to look back. Seeing the willow instead and its softness and sturdiness gives me peace.

Slowly I turn to the left, to the small slope. Standing up there I feel like I can see it all – the future path I am going to walk, all the tricky steps, the might-bes and if-nots. It is kind of nice; yet it does not bring me joy right now.

My steps lead me back to the bend in the road and I look neither left nor right. In front of me, there is nothing. Nothing is standing in my way, there is no destination to be reached and no goal to be achieved. Only vast possibilities I can not yet grasp, too much am I worried about left or right and being prepared.

Behind me, I feel freedom pushing her way to me, muttering below her breath, until I feel she is under my feet and I am floating. I love the lightheartedness of her in me. I smile and close my eyes.

I like where I am. Suddenly, the first step forward is easy.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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