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Cherished moments

Sitting on the bench home in Austria with my usual morning coffee, I feel like I can close my eyes and revisit some awesome moments of my stay at my parent’s. Thank you, everyone, for a lovely time home away from home.

.. watching my mother play Kniffel (and lose, but she had 2 Kniffel each round and was still cheerful)
… guessing songs and interprets with my family in the evening while enjoying a summer night on the terrace (drinks included)
… soaking in the hot tub and smelling the familiar scents of my mother’s shampoo and shower gel
… cuddling my sister’s cat and looking at his happy babyface while lounging in the awesome garden in the evening and the light is changing
… laughing hysterical tears with my dad after my sister has established her victory loudly (as if anyone else ever wins against her in this house, no matter which game we play, so why bother?)
… eating cake with my grandparents (90 and 92 years old) on my birthday and later meeting family friends for dinner – the woman I consider a kind of aunt asks me if my boyfriend is “the one” and an instant smile is my answer
… preparing lunch for my family one day, puttering about in the old-fashioned small kitchen
… catching up with two friends from school that I haven’t seen forever and slipping into this conversation so easily, like in old times
… helping prepare our family barbecue and sitting in the garden, enjoying a family meal on the single sunny day of my stay (hardly possible it is August, feels like April)
…bumping my head twice in the bed under the tilted roof
… sitting in the swing chair and watching the neighbours
… meeting a friend for a chat and really talking and listening, letting her challenge my way of thinking
… doing yoga because I feel like it and let it bring me joy (though the walls are too close in that room…)
… reading the newspaper with my parents and solving crosswords with them
… listening to my sister and my dad bickering, while my mum and me roll our eyes
… knowing some things do not change♡

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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