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The simple life

My husband and me are currently taking a minibreak in Gravedona at Como Lake, Italy.

We have rented a little flat on the first floor of an old stone house next to a small farm. It is basic and only has the necessary furniture and stuff, yet it is of a simple charme that makes me ridiculously happy. And the view is awesome!

I had not realized how much I have needed this break from everyday life; now that we are here, I have found my voice and rhythm again. I feel simple joy.

I love that most of the time I do not know what time it is, neither do I care. It is so easy to just be.
I love preparing breakfast in the small kitchen and having only few options to choose from. I love eating it outside on the small camping table while we are listening to the geese, chicken, goats, peacocks and cats next door.
I love the fresh local fruit.
Surprisingly, I even enjoy washing the dishes and letting my thoughts drift. 😉

I love how the beach has been left natural, no sunloungers or umbrellas-you just find the perfect spot below some trees on the grass or lie on the sand/ cobble mix, or sit on a flat enough rock.
I love watching sparrows and raven picking something on the beach, and the ducks relaxing and diving with their feathery butts high in the air- but sanely swimming away from crazy dogs.
I love watching two terribly ugly and adorable dogs play in the shallow water and having the time of their life.

I love how the tiny cute Orchid bar smells of jasmine and offers locally made food and ice cream – and awesome drinks.
I love watching people, and trying to place their (mostly German) accents.

I love how we looked for a place to eat dinner yesterday but were kind of late, so we decided to takeaway pizza (who wouldn’t when in Italy?) and ate it on some stone steps by the lakeside, surrounded by lights and the lake and the quiet murmur of people in a nearby bar. It was delicious.

I love how I slept with the windows open to the sounds of the night.
I love how I slept like a baby on the beach in the afternoon sun, too, with a smile on my face, and again at night.

I love how our basecaps get in the way when we kiss and we end up laughing. 🙂
I love how it strikes me all of a sudden, that I get to travel with him, my husband, and be 100% me, and he looks at me that way. The way I look at him. ♡

I love how free I feel here, and how happy. I love how little I need to be.

Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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