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Luna di miele: Koh Samui

Honeymoon #1a: Koh Samui for lazy bugs

After 31 hours of arrival time (flight, two changes, transfer), my husband and me stepped foot into paradise – literally – on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui.

This first part of our honeymoon we designated to relaxation, time together, no plans and to-dos/ to-sees, and enjoying ourselves at the beach.

So far, it has more than fulfilled theses wishes! Our garden villa is small but charming, and has a wonderful terrace for evening drinks and reading, and the hotel is beautiful and green and well cared for. Situated directly on the beach, you can lounge and eat there day and night.

What I love about being here so far:
1.  Koh Samui airport has a roof but no walls; it has security guards yet eminates a welcoming feeling. Besides, it is full of flowers! Amazing first impression.
2. The Thai people are always friendly and helpful.
3. It is warm day and night, so you can go out in a dress and won’t freeze when you come home.
4. Even though it has rained every day, these rainshowers were over quickly and did not result in a drop of temperature at all. We just stayed in the ocean once and waited for the rain to stop.
5. Ordering food in restaurants is an experience: you might get something close to what you ordered, or you might not. However, no reason to complain, since it is usually delicious!
6. Our garden villa is cozy, and our bed is huge and I have lots of space (though my husband complained about the common cover thier- dunno what he is talking about!).
7. The stray dogs and cats you see seem well fed and are given attention and affection, as far as we could see.
8. There are tiny and not so tiny crabs scurrying around the beach we could watch for hours. They throw sand around.
9. Our beach is beautiful, peaceful and quiet.
10. Nobody reserves sunloungers with towels at 6 am in the morning!!! 🙂


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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