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Luna di miele: Koh Samui 2 reloaded

Honeymoon #1b: Koh Samui for free spirits

On Monday we rented a scooter (6€/ day) after an internal struggle for both of us: safety vs fun factor? It seemed ridiculously simple to move around with one in the end!
Admittedly, the helmets were so flimsy they seemed useless, but since they were there, we put them on (and thus outed ourselves as tourists – most people we saw drove helmless, in flipflops, some even shirtless…). Driving on the left was a challenge, yet we mastered it – or rather my husband did, I sat there to remind him LEFT LEFT in case he forgot. 😉

Driving around on a whim (we abandonded google maps after some tries, as either the gps was not found or it told us we were off road or something similarly unhelpful), just taking in what we were seeing and stopping where it suited us, was a great way to awaken my free-roaming spirit which has been dormant due to beach bliss.

I don’t wanna travel guide you about what to see – impressions that stuck were: even the tiniest house had some kind of shrine dedicated to their protective spirit, and many people I observed cleaning with a broom (maybe it is recreational, meditative, we found ourselves wondering…).

This is a small poem that sums our 24 hours of freedom up perfectly:

Trusting the roads, and you
just driving on, stopping wherever,
with the wind in my face,
palm trees left and right guarding our journey,
I can hold on to you, feel you
and just be.

Seeing new and strange yet friendly faces,
friendly smiles,
sweeping the ever present brooms
on dirty ground in poor neighbourhoods with a smile,
I can share the smile, and be grateful for
what I have, and wonder.

Why do people always want more?
Why do we teach our kids to achieve “something”? Why not to achieve being themselves, and happy?

I realize…
I have enough. Here. Now.


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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