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Luna di miele: # 3 Bangkok

After our extremely relaxing start into our honeymoon, we swapped peaceful beaches with the bustling city life of Bangkok for a few days.

Our a bit posh hotel was situated close to the river, and we had a great view of the skyline.
Of course, we did all the things tourists do: go by tuk tuk, visit the king’s palace and some temples, buy long trousers for the above-mentioned temples, get lost, go shopping in Chinatown (mad!!!!) and in a mall (duh?!? I loved peoplewatching!), watch the monitor lizards in a park, go by taxi coz it’s cheaper than the bus, have dinner in a skybar (ok, I guess most would have drinks since it is pricey, but so worth it!!)… lots to do and see. I was soaked with impressions each night. 🙂

Below, I listed some pecularities I liked about and some things we noticed during these 2,5 days in Bangkok:
1. Traffic lights show how many seconds until change of light. The green man then kind of runs so you automatically hurry up, too.
2. The symbols/ icons for female/ male toilet are hilarious sometimes.
3. There is a round spoon for soup, and the oval-shaped one we know is used for curries/ to serve.
4. Yellow and white are royal colours – yellow is the colour of the weekday the king was born (I learned that I was born on a Thursday and therefore my colour is orange).
5. Close to religious temples or above some spiritual figures you sometimes see tree-shaped things that remind of wind chimes; you can attach metal leaves to them. If you do this and make a wish, the sound like a bell carries it to the sky. I loved this idea.

6. Thai people wear a band on their mask like old people do on their glasses.
7. A lady close to us in the queue said: Thailand only has 3 seasond, namely hot – very hot – very very hot.
8. In a museum we had to take off our shoes for which there were shoeshelves: for Thai – for Foreigners. Interesting distinction. (of course, we we are the foreigners here, white skinned in a country of Asians – today a woman even wanted to take a selfie with us. Now we know how that feels…)
9. In restaurants, you often get a can of coke but have to serve yourself (and open it)
10. In several female restrooms I frequented, there was a looooong counter with mirrors and most females styled themselves after having relieved themselves. Duh??? I did not.

Last but not least, some fun facts that might be practical help:
– there is little traffic in Bangkok at the weekends
– your Concierge helps organize your sightseeing/ day if you let him
– usually when we went somewhere, my husband was addressed: this society is “Sir”- based (feminists are allowed to roll their eyes here)
– most drinks are served with a class and ice cubes, which are made of tap water and should maybe be avoided by European stomachs


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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