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Luna di miele: best of guided tour through the North of Thailand

Best of guided tour: North of Thailand. You can see the route below 🙂 We started in Bangkok and ended in Chiang Mai, from where we will take a plane back to the golf of Thailand for some beach time on Saturday.

day 1: our villa river kwai with mosquito screen doors, baked caramelizzed banana, being outside in my bikini and feeling the warm summer raindrops on my skin, sleeping in a charming garden villa

day 2: AYUTTAYA yoga in the morning to the sounds of the jungle, waterfall fooling around & cheesy pics, feeding elephants bathing in the river, making a wish on a silver leaf in a Wat, cruising the river seeing normal housing, getting jelly bears from my husband

day 3: SUKHOTHAI monkey temples, hoping the waiter does not bring more food at lunch (we were stuffed, hm, delicious – as opposed to dinner, when we were severely disappointed… ), 9 lucky number, wat with elephants, atmosphere in park: light and temple ruins and buddha, standing buddha

day 4: SUKHOTHAI Morning offering of food to monks and listening to their song,  PHRAE lunch in eco-restaurant: delicious food, awesome plates, CHIANG RAI: white palace, not boring but full of humorous and artistic details (artist included themes from avengers, spiderman, superman, minions,…to make buddhism more approachable for young ones)

day 5: DOI MAE SALONG awesome scenery, fields with rice and tea, CHIANG MAI: beer lab nice place for a comfortable drink after 6 hrs in the car

day 6: CHIANG MAI Elephant Farm met soft giants, helped bathe them – impressive, breathtaking; afternoon Thai cooking class was awesome and doable, with herbs and vegetables from their own orchard

Now, we are looking forward to staying in the same hotel for a few nights, swapping the car with the beach and long trousers (for temples) with swimwear. Beach time here we come 🙂 ♡♡♡♡


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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