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Tried something new lately?

The summer holidays are over, and I have been preparing exams and first lessons for the beginning of the new school year. First lessons with me often include games, and one I like is “Find someone who” (can be adapted to all levels easily, a plus).
I wrote in one “Find someone who… has tried something new this summer.”

Being me, I wondered… have I?
Well, yes!!! 🙂

1) My favourite hairdresser is on maternity leave. So I was forced to try a new one – and I like my new hair do. Technically still a bob, but different. Like!
2) I also had a new beautician doing my nails (pedicure, who does not love it???). My feet look great due to the shellac she applied (before, I always had normal nail polish) – and since it dries quickly, this is the first time ever I have 10 beautifully polished toes, instead of 9 + 1 blemished one. 🙂
3) Contrary to my usually confrontational style, I am trying to accept things I can not change and give them time. Maybe in time things change, or life changes and this one problem suddenly becomes irrelevant. Who knows? – Admittedly, not something I’d like to do as a general way to tackle problems, but it is sure an additional strategy I feel comfortable with. 4) I have decluttered my books, decorations, office, closet, shoes, jackets. No new stuff, I have so so much.

Have you tried something new lately? I am curious to see what my students will tell me …!


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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